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Plastic Inserts

Discover Resha Automotive's high-quality plastic bushing solutions for the automotive industry.

Plastic Inserts


At Resha Automotive, we produce high-quality plastic bushings for the automotive industry. Plastic bushings are crucial for providing low friction and high durability in various mechanical systems of vehicles.

What Are Plastic Bushings?

Plastic bushings reduce friction between moving parts, protecting against wear and tear. These bushings are made from high-strength and durable plastic materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Application Areas

  • Suspension Systems: Used in suspension systems to reduce friction and provide smoother movement.
  • Steering Systems: Ensures low friction and high precision operation in steering mechanisms.
  • Engine Components: Supports the movement of various parts within the engine, minimizing wear.

All our plastic bushing products are available in PDF versions and can be downloaded.

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